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Franklin Public Library

Franklin Public Library
Collection Development Policy


  • Collection Development - Planning, selection, acquiring, cataloging, and weeding of the library's collection.
  • Library Materials - books, periodicals, reference works, newspapers, audio books, puppets, puzzles, on-line databases, and the Internet.
  • Weeding - systematic evaluation process whereby library materials are withdrawn from the collection based on specific criteria such as outdated, worn, damaged, and/or duplicated materials. These criteria are outlined in detail in the professional publication The Crew Manual.


The goal of the Franklin Public Library is to select, organize, preserve, and make available to all individuals in Franklin and surrounding areas print and non-print materials which will assist them in accessing relevant information, achieving education goals, conducting research, and aid in recreation and the use of leisure time.

We encourage library patrons to assist in the selection process. An individual request from a patron for a title is usually honored if the request conforms to the guidelines outlined in this policy statement. The library has a suggestion box near the desk. Suggestions regarding services and other aspects of library operations are also encouraged.

The Franklin Public Library strives to maintain a collection that represents all sides of an issue in a neutral, unbiased manner. Selection of materials by the library does not mean endorsement of the contents of views expressed in those materials. We attempt to provide service and materials to all patrons.


Franklin Public Library selects items for inclusion in the collection based on informational, educational, and recreational value.

The following criteria are used in selecting materials :

1) Critical reviews

2) Author’s authority, accuracy, and artistic quality.

3) Current appeal and popular demand.

4) Reflection of all side of issues.

5) Local interest.

6) Reputation of the publisher along with the quality of paper, binding, recording, and/or casing.

7) Availability of the material or information elsewhere.

8) Space and budgetary considerations.

    Materials may be available in varying formats. Factors governing the choice of format include anticipated use, storage requirements, and ease of access. When all other factors are equal, ease of access by the public is the primary consideration.
    The responsibility for materials selection and the development of the library collection rests with the Library Director, who operates with the framework of the Collection Development Policy. A professional librarian under the general supervision of the Library Director provides selection of juvenile materials.
    The library reserves the right to evaluate all gifts, donations, and memorial requests in accordance with the criteria applied to purchased materials. Gifts that do not meet the library’s objectives and policies may be refused.
    The withdrawal of materials, also called weeding, of the collection is an ongoing process directly related to collection development. Franklin’s librarians utilize The Crew Method to guide the weeding process.  Materials that are worn, damaged, outdated, duplicated, no longer accurate, or no longer used may be removed from the collection. Library staff members, under the general direction and supervision of the Library Director, are responsible for the weeding of the collection.
    While anyone is free to select or reject materials for themselves or their minor children, the freedom of others to read or inquire cannot be restricted. Parents and guardians, not the Library, have the responsibility to guide and direct the reading choices of their minor children. The library collection will be organized and maintained to facilitate access. No materials will be labeled, restricted, sequestered, or altered because of any controversy about the author, subject matter, or intended or potential audience.
    The Library Board considers all materials selected under this policy to be constitutionally protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. If a patron claims that a particular item is not constitutionally protected, the burden of proof rests with the patron.
    The Board of Trustees recognizes the right of individuals to question materials in the library collection. Whenever a patron objects to the presence or absence of any library material, the patron will be given hearing and consideration. All complaints to staff members will be referred to the selecting librarian who will discuss the matter with the concerned patron. If not satisfied, the patron will be given a “FRANKLIN PUBLIC LIBRARY PATRON’S REQUEST FOR RECONDSIDERATION OF A BOOK “ form to complete. This completed form will be given to the Library Director who will then meet with the Board of Trustees to evaluate the material in question and consider the merits of the completed request form. A decision will be made regarding whether or not to add or withdraw the material with written reasons for the decision conveyed to the patron. If the patron is dissatisfied with the Board of Trustee’s written reply, he or she may appeal the decision to the Board at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. The Board, after receiving public testimony from the patron, other interested parties, and from the Director, will decide whether or not library policies have been followed and whether to add or withdraw the material in question.

Adopted by the Franklin Public Library Board of Trustees, March 8, 2004.


Author ___________________   Today’s Date____
Publication Date _______

Patron’s Name_________
Telephone Number _____
If Patron is representing an Organization or Group please provide the name

Have you discussed your concerns with the selecting librarian  ________
If you feel a title should be removed from the collection:
a. To what in the book do you object? Please cite pages. _________________________________________________________
b. What do you feel might be the harmful result of reading this book?_________________________________________________________
c. Did you read the entire book? __________ If not, what parts?_________________________________________________________
d. Have you read any reviews of this book by competent reviewers? Please cite. _________________________________________________________
e. What book of equal literary merit would you recommend as providing more valuable content to the field to which the book relates ? ______________________________________
If you feel a book should be included in the collection, please reply to the following questions:
a. Can you provide current reviews from competent reviewers to substantiate your claim that the book meets our Collection Development criteria?_________________________________________________________________
b. Is the book available from neighboring libraries? _________ Franklin Library Card holders are free to borrow books from area libraries at those libraries.
c. What does this book provide to the collection and the reading community that other Franklin Library holdings do not? _________________________________________________________________
d. Does this book offer lasting value to our collection?_________________________________________________________
e. Are you willing to donate a copy to the library collection? __________________
f. Other comments regarding why you feel that the inclusion of this book is important to the Franklin Library collection and our community. _________________________________________________________________

Thank you for your interest in our community and in the Franklin Public Library.  The Library Board of Trustees will respond, in writing, within one month. 

Adopted by the Franklin Library Board of Trustees March 8, 2004.