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Fines and Fees

Circulation policies including fines and fees for services.

Franklin Public Library
Circulation Policies, Fines and Fees

In order to provide popular materials to the most patrons the following circulation policies are in effect

Most materials in the library check out for three weeks and there is a 10 cent per day fine if the item is overdue.  Generally there is no limit to the items you can check out.



·    All issues can be checked out
·    Check out for one week
·    Cannot be renewed   
·    10 cent per day fine if overdue
·    Limit of 3 magazines that can be checked out at one time


·    Check out for one week
·    Can only be renewed if there is no hold on the item
·    10 cent per day fine if overdue


·    Check out for one week and cannot be renewed
·    TV shows can be renewed twice
·    Holds may not be placed on DVDs.  This is a browsing collection.  First come, first serve.
·    Limit of 5 DVDs that can be checked out at one time.
·    ONE DOLLAR fine per day for overdue DVDs


Fines DO NOT accrue indefinitely; they DO have a ceiling.  For children’s items fines top off at 3 dollars.  Adult items top off at 5 dollars and DVDs top off at 10 dollars.  However, items borrowed from other libraries are subject to the fines determined by that library.  They may charge more per day per item in fines and their ceilings may be higher than those at the Franklin Public Library.

If an item is marked lost (which usually happens after an item has been overdue for a month), patrons are given ample time to locate the item.  If the item is considered lost permanently you will be charged a replacement charge for the item, usually the cost of the item new.

Patrons that have fines of 15 DOLLARS or more WILL NOT be allowed to check out new items unless the fines are paid or substantially reduced.


  •  There is a 10 cent per page fee for every page printed from the computers. 
  • There is a 75 cent per page charge for printing or copying in color. 
  •  Faxes being sent are charged 2 dollars for the first page and one dollar for each additional page.
  • There is a $1.00 fee per scanning session.